Conference Calls

How to do Conference Calls

Twilext allows you to call multiple contacts together or in other words to make Conference calls. You can just select a few contact and initiate a conference calls in seconds.

To start first set you Twilio Client name, which is just a name used by Twilio Client libraries, not used for making outgoing calls. You can navigate to Settings> Twilio Details and set Twilio client name for the Phone numbers you wish to make outgoing calls or conference calls.


Next, select the Contacts you wish to organize Conference call with and click on the Conference action Button.


This would pop-in the Dialer with Conference tab selected.

Select the Phone Number you wish to use to initiate the call and click on “Make Conference Call”. Since you also want to be a part of the call, please select the “Do you want to connect this conference ?” option as Yes. To record the call, turn the Record button on.


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