Importing Contacts and Management

How to Import and Manage your Contacts

Contacts management has been kept very easy in Twilext. When you go to Contacts, all the actions which could be performed on Contacts are present in a toolbar:


Click on the “+ Contacts” button to open up the Contact Form. All the fields are shown in an easy to read form, including the custom fields.



If you want to delete Contacts, select the Contacts and click on the “Delete” button. It is required that you select atleast one Contact. Confirm the alert for deletion and you Contacts would be deleted.


Now let us look into how to Import and Export our Contacts.

To export all your Contacts, click on the Export Button



This will download the exported CSV with all your data.



Please check how the data is arranged in the file. It is in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. The first row contains the field names.

It is important to note the format as we require the same format when we perform Import.

To Import data from a CSV, click on the import button


It would open up the Import page. You must provide the CSV file which contains your data and also the delimiting character.

If you want to import the Contacts and add to a List, you can even choose the List from dropdown.



Next you would get a Field to CSV header mapping form. Here you need to select the column from your CSV file and to which field in the Contact, value should be copied to.

If your field name and header are similar you can even click on the Auto Map button to automatically map the fields.




If the import was successful, you would get a confirmation like


If not a error alert with error message if possible.



Next important feature is to quickly add Contacts to a List. Select your contacts and then click on the “Add to List” button from the Toolbar


This will open up a form where you can select your List.



Other than these, you can perform sorting on the columns. When you click on any phone field or SMS button from the toolbar it open up the SMS form with Contacts  being auto selected.



You can even add Custom Fields to your form, to read more about Custom Fields visit here.

You can also perform a Quick Search on Contacts, which will match records with similar keyword. You can quickly even send an SMS from the result.


The last column is the Actions column which shows various operations like go to details page, edit, send SMS etc. which could be performed on individual records.




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