Custom Fields

Custom Fields to save more Contact Details

Just having few fields like name, email, mobile etc. is always not enough. You might need to send SMS for birthday wishes, promotional coupons, or to store phone numbers etc.. In such case you might create custom fields. Once added, these fields show up int he contact details and form.

Currently we support 4 types of fields:

  • Numeric
  • Text
  • Phone
  • Date

All fields have got option to set field as a mandatory field while creating a new Contact. Particular fields like text and numeric field also have got option to set the minimum and max values and length.

To add a new custom field, click on the  “Custom Fields” button  custom_fields_button

This will navigate you to the Custom Fields page, if you already have a custom field it would be listed here.




Else click on the  “+ Field”  custom_fields_button_1  button to open up the form.



Select the type of the field , give a name and set the other options. Click on “Yes” to save the field. Once the field has been added it would appear on the Contact Form.



Use custom fields along with SMS templates to send better personalized SMS content.

Read more about SMS Templates here.



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