March 14, 2016

How To

Conference Calls

How to do Conference Calls Twilext allows you to call multiple contacts together or in other words to make Conference calls ...
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Outgoing Calls

How to Make Outgoing Calls Twilext converts your browser into a Phone Dialer in just few steps. Now you can make ...
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SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns are an integral part of Twilext. SMS Campaigns allows you to send out SMS to a list of ...
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How to configure Twilio Settings

Configuring Twilio Settings As you are aware Twilext is powered by Twilio API, it is very much required to understand how ...
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Scheduling SMS and Campaigns Time is everything! Scheduling in Twilext helps you to save a lot of time. It can be used ...
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Importing Contacts and Management

How to Import and Manage your Contacts Contacts management has been kept very easy in Twilext. When you go to Contacts, ...
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Custom Fields

Custom Fields to save more Contact Details Just having few fields like name, email, mobile etc. is always not enough. You ...
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SMS template Menu

SMS Templates

Use SMS Templates to personalize your SMS contents For Ease of sending messages to multiple contacts with similar content, you can make ...
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